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Kicking The Rugby Tours Market Into Touch

Neuchi's close working relationship with Sweet Chariot took another step forward in December 2007 with the relaunch of the sweetchariot.co.uk web site.

Designed to capture the attention of those charged with organising a rugby tour and show case the services offered by Sweet Chariot, the new web site was also developed to feature prominently on Google for key phrases such as "rugby tours" and "rugby tours company".

Following a review of their business, Sweet Chariot realised that the internet was contributing practically nothing to the acquisition of new clients for the rugby tours element of their operations.

Neuchi was instructed to investigate why this was and concluded that their existing web site was presenting a number of different barriers to both site users and search engine robots.

A Market Worth Pursuing

Keyword research conducted by Neuchi also revealed that the online market for advice and instruction regarding rugby tours was considerable, with large volumes of searches occurring each month for search terms such as "rugby tours" and "rugby tours company".

New Web Site, New Purpose

The new web site developed for Sweet Chariot's rugby tours business was built to both provide guidance on the range of services offered by Sweet Chariot, but also to provide information and advice on topics such as how to pick the right tour destination and what not to forget when you go on tour.

A Great Job, Done Well

Initial feedback from the commissioning team at Sweet Chariot was extremely positive, as Sweet Chariot Director Ian Carrick wrote;

"Neuchi have once again done a great job, the new site looks great, is very easy to use and we have already received some great feedback from our current client base."

How You Can Realise Your Ambitions Online

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