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Carewatch Web Site Relaunched

Carewatch provide over 160,000 hours of home and community based care from it's network of 160 offices spread around the UK each year.

In early 2007 Carewatch approached Neuchi to discuss how it could raise it's profile online and how it's services could be effectively marketed to a number of diverse audiences.

Following a number of meetings it was decided that the current Carewatch web site would be redeveloped in partnership with Neuchi and that Neuchi would provide strategic advice on how Carewatch could effectively position itself online and in front of potential new clients.

The new Carewatch web site was launched in November 2007 and was developed through a partnership between Carewatch's technical and marketing teams and Neuchi Internet Marketing.

Key aims of the development were to make the site more accessible to both users and automated search robots and to adhere strictly to recognised best practices with regards to search engine optimisation and positioning.

Carewatch Feedback

Commenting on the development Tom Stanbury, Carewatch's technical lead wrote;

"The new Carewatch website has been well received internally and externally.

We would all like to thank you for your excellent work in getting the site ready to the agreed timescales."

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