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Fleurets are the UK's leading provider of business and property services for the leisure and hospitality industry.

In early 2008 Fleurets asked Neuchi to review their online marketing strategy and to devise an internet marketing plan that would increase their profile online, leading to an increase in the number of web generated enquires.

Early on in the review process it became clear that two main issues, overall site focus and search engine positioning in relation to key traget terms, would need to be the main areas of focus.

Site Focus

Fleurets correctly identified that their web site was being primarily accessed by those looking to buy or lease licensed properties and that in the main these individuals were new to the leisure and hospitality industry.

Their current web site did not effectively meet the needs of these individuals and as such it was decided to re-structure, rebuild and refocus the Fleurets web site in order to efficiently inform and educate those new to the leisure and hospitality industies as to what properties were available in their local area to buy, let, lease or rent and how they should start the process of becoming a pub landlord, B&B owner, nightclub operator etc.

This work was carried out in conjunction with Fleurets technical partners, VerticalSoft and Minerva Computer Services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Underpinning all of the redevelopment work was the understanding that the Fleurets web site needed to feature prominently on UK search engines for key search terms such as "pubs for sale", "hotels for sale" or "restaurants for sale".

The new structure of the web site was therefore heavily influenced by keyword research conducted by Neuchi and best practices were employed at all times in relation to search engine optimisation and positioning to ensure that Fleurets featured prominently within the listings returned, by Google in particular, for targeted search terms.

Increased Interest In A Falling Market

The revamped Fleurets web site was launched in April 2008 and from the start featured strongly on Google for targeted search terms such as "pubs for sale", "hotels for sale" and "restaurants for sale".

Visits to the site began to rise immediately and significant increases in the time that users spent on the site plus the number of pages viewed provided a strong indication that the focus of the site was now meeting the needs of it's target audiences. Most importantly ,despite a general decrease in interest in the property market overall, web generated enquires rose month on month and continue to rise.

How You Can Realise Your Ambitions Online

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