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How Dublinfest Sales Increased By 45%

Dublinfest is a university sports tournament held over the Easter Holidays in Dublin for UK students.

First held in 2000, Dublinfest is one of a number of events organised by Surrey based travel company Sweet Chariot Ltd.

Early on in 2006 Sweet Chariot approached Neuchi for advice as to how the event could be more effectively marketed to UK students.

Marketing of previous events had in the main taken the form of direct mailings and Sweet Chariot was keen to explore the marketing opportunities that the internet could offer.

The Process Undertaken

Having discussed the goals Sweet Chariot were aiming to achieve, Neuchi produced an internet marketing plan that focussed on bringing the event to the attentions of the target markets indetified above via:

  • The development of an event focused web site at www.dublinfest.co.uk
  • Search engine optimisation and positioning of www.dublinfest.co.uk for key search terms such as "university sports tours" and "student sports tours"
  • Targeted emails to key decision makers such as the Club Captains of student teams and the Athletic Union presidents of all the major UK universities and colleges that may be interested in attending highlighting the benefits that participation at Dublinfest could confer
  • The establishment of event focussed entries on social networking sites such as Facebook that aim to further interest in the event whilst providing an interactive forum for attendees to communicate with one another
  • Direct postal mailings to the athletic union offices of all of the major UK universities and colleges

Year On Year Sales Up By 45%

The final outcome of the 2007 marketing campaign was an increase in participant numbers in excess of 45% when compared with the previous year's figures.

Neuchi has now been retained to market both Dublinfest and a number of other events being run by Sweet Chariot in both 2007 and 2008.

What The Client Had to Say

"Neuchi brought a fresh approach to the marketing of Dublinfest 2007.

By utilising the power of the internet to draw attention to the event and generate interest, Neuchi significantly contributed to a year on year increase in sales of 45%.

To say that we were happy with this result would be a gross understatement."

Ian Carrick - Sweet Chariot Ltd Director

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